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Since late July I’ve been working on this blog as a personal project. At that time, my goal was to launch it before my birthday on September 16, but as the perfectionist recovering perfectionist that I am, I found myself pushing back the deadline because “I needed to work on it just a bit more, you know, those little details here and there.” And so, that phrase was on repeat for several weeks until I decided that I had to stop. Stop perfecting and just start…and launch (!). I must admit, I actually got a whit mad at myself (ayayai!). The reason was, well, I realized that I was not only loosing time obsessing over itty bitty unimportant nuances, but also because some weird fear kept me from getting it done and putting it out there. I was, dare I say, terrified and excited all in one. Eventually, I let the excitement take over and…tah dah! One month later after my failed deadline, here it is. Welcome to my new blog! El first post, número uno. YAY!

When I was little, I used to have a shoe box where I kept all my “favorite anythings” ranging from pretty paper, multi-color spirograph drawings, old family photos, music cassettes, wish lists, unicorn stickers, and the list goes on and on. The truth is, I had more than one box. Anything that seemed like a neat container of some sort, automatically became another “treasure chest” for my wide array of random but, to me, very cool stuff!

And so, I feel that this blog is, in one way or another, a modern version of that shoe box. A place to keep a bucketful of crazy awesome findings and learnings; a platform to share my work, process and journey as a designer; and a home for amusing new discoveries, fun local (or not) travel experiences plus some random ideas*/explorations.

I’m thrilled to get this ball rolling and very much looking forward to sharing this fun ride with you! Hope you have a lovely rest of the day!




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