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Last week, while in LA the weather was starting to get a little more cooler than usual, Chris and I made the perfect escapade to Miami Beach, Florida! Growing up in Panama, I am a fan of (very) warm weather, so I was thrilled to have a mini vacation enjoying this heavenly tropical climate!

One of the main reasons why we went was for Art Basel (an international art show featuring Modern and Contemporary works), which was taking place along with several other art fairs around town and (beep beep! Warning: Proud Wife Alert!) Chris was exhibiting some of his stainless + brass panels at the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. Eeeek! I’m incredibly happy for him and I’m ecstatic to see him come a long way. To be honest, not because he is my super fun and loving husband, but his work is stunning! I’ll be sharing with you a little interview in the next few weeks!

Overall, Miami was a blast! The first night we got there it rained, but right after that we got incredible weather! We stayed at an AirBnB apartment in South Beach, which was conveniently located, so we walked eeeverywhere! Some streets we strolled to mention a few: Lincoln Road, Espanola Way, Collins Avenue, 17th Street, Ocean Drive, Washington Avenue, Lummus Park Beach Walk. We also made good use of DecoBikes and biked a ton! I must admit, it was a good way to burn off some calories from all the amazing food we had! I am a huge fan of Cuban cuisine (White Rice & Black Beans + Ham Croquettes, Breaded Steak and for dessert…Cuatro Leches and a Café Cortado…Thank you! Mmm!) so we found ourselves at Puerto Sagua Restaurant more than once during our stay! Some other restaurants we were keen on were Joe’s Stone Crab, Oliver’s Bistro, A la Folie Café, The Local House, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Café at Books & Books.

One of my favorite things about sauntering around was looking at the colorful Art Deco buildings, beautiful landscape design and people watching.

We got to experience so much art that I decided to break down this Miami trip into a three blog posts! In this one you can see an overall feel of architecture in South Beach; in Part II, I’ll feature our visit to Wynwood Art District; and in Part III I’ll show you a neat glimpse at the art scene!

Stay tuned and have an awesome day!




  1. i adore you, marlene franco. your intuition and creativity inspire me. everything you do brings a smile to my heart.


    • fredaaaaa! ahhh! thank you for your kind words, darling! they always make me smile. i miss you and think of you often! sending you a huge hug and hoping all is wonderful! :)

  2. These look so awesome Marlene! We’re going to Miami in January and I’m so exceed to get away from the cold weather… I’m going to have email you for some tips :) abrazitos!!!

    • heylennn! que bella! gracias, amiga! please do email me! would love to send you some recommendations! i also found out about more lovely spots, but unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t check them out! so excited for you guys and your upcoming MIA trip! xoxo!

    • it’s coming this week! thanks for staying tuned, darling! you are awesome! can’t wait to hear about your trip!!! :)

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