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Hellooo there! Whew! Where does time go?! I wanted to share with you the rest of these Miami posts before 2014, but this new and already amazing year sneaked up on me! Yes! I admit it. It did! It is all good though. Lots of awesome things in the making! Before I say anything else, first things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (fireworks and your favorite party song playing in the background while confetti rains down from the sky!) Hooray hooray! An official “Happy 2014″ post is in the works and coming up soon, but for now, I leave you with…Miami! Enjoy!

So, Wynwood Art District! This was probably one of my favorite places from our visit. This part of town is an ultra pompous explosion of color! Bright and dull, light and dark, cool and warm, neon and pastel. You name it! So many different palettes, textures, shapes, concepts, themes…some of them random and crazy, some beautiful and serene. Others, a combination of all of the above. From it’s walls and murals to it’s shops, restaurants, people, culture and the neighborhood’s own idiosyncrasies, my eyes were always entertained.

Chris and I got there bright and early, grabbed a coffee from Panther Coffee on NW 2nd Ave and wandered around the streets, galleries and cool shops enjoying all the art + design around us. Artists were setting up shop in the streets and some were already hard at work stenciling/airbrushing/painting and even sewing the walls.

It was a gooorgeous, cloudless, sunshiny day during the week of Art Basel and the crowd got bigger as it got later in the day. But, that never bothered us since there was plenty to see and explore. Everyone seemed to be amused by different things and what appealed more to their interests and individual tastes.

By the time noon came around we decided to stop by Wynwood Kitchen and Bar to savor some flavorful Latin-influenced tapas. When we were done (mmm…more like gleefully stuffed! like the latin saying goes: barriga llena, corazón contento, which translates to, a full stomach makes for a happy heart!), kept touring the area some more before heading back to Miami Beach to continue enjoying the rest of the afternoon.

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