Off the (Letter)Press

mfranco_bcs_02 mfranco_bcs_04 mfranco_bc_01

I had my business cards letterpressed about two months ago. I know they are not exactly “right” off the press, but they still feel and smell like brand new to me!

I was oh so fortunate to have found Presshaus LA and the work of Kristine Arellano, an amazing letterpress printer and designer. This lady is beyond-words-talented! I am sure her Vandercook press turns into a magic wand at some point during the printing process. Yes! She is that good! I had some areas in my design that required super duper tight registration and she completely nailed it!

I’m stoked with the way they turned out. Take a look!


mfranco_photos_9 mfranco_studio_r2_v1 mfranco_photos_7 mfranco_photos_5 mfranco_photos_2 mfranco_photos_4 mfranco_photos_8

At the beginning of summer, I was on the quest for a photographer that could snap a few portrait/lifestyle shots of me in my studio. OK, (tape rewinding sound effect), that may sound sort of narcissistic, but I promise you that’s not the case. You see, as at that moment (ok, i confess, still ongoing!) I was in the process of revamping and refreshing my brand + business online, I needed some professional photographs to portray my personality and to communicate who I am. I wanted these images to feel natural, bright and with a hint of…¡color!

Then I thought, it would also be suuuper if besides these, Chris and I got some pictures taken of us together just for the pure fun of it! Plus! it was summer, terrific weather and the perfect excuse to enjoy an ahhhmazing time with my man! Woo!

While in the lookout for a local photographer to take care of the task, somewhere in my research I found not one, but an incredible team of two photographers (drum roll): Anaïs + Dax! A duo with killer skills, an awesome portfolio of work, and just in general, really remarkable people.

First we shot at our place in K-Town, where my mini studio is at. Then, we drove to Culver City and hit some cool murals, and lastly we went to Venice Beach at magic hour. It was golden!

The whole day was such a blast!



// Hair + Makeup by the lovely Maxine Christians.

Hey, Hi! You are here!

Since late July I’ve been working on this blog as a personal project. At that time, my goal was to launch it before my birthday on September 16, but as the perfectionist recovering perfectionist that I am, I found myself pushing back the deadline because “I needed to work on it just a bit more, you know, those little details here and there.” And so, that phrase was on repeat for several weeks until I decided that I had to stop. Stop perfecting and just start…and launch (!). I must admit, I actually got a whit mad at myself (ayayai!). The reason was, well, I realized that I was not only loosing time obsessing over itty bitty unimportant nuances, but also because some weird fear kept me from getting it done and putting it out there. I was, dare I say, terrified and excited all in one. Eventually, I let the excitement take over and…tah dah! One month later after my failed deadline, here it is. Welcome to my new blog! El first post, número uno. YAY!

When I was little, I used to have a shoe box where I kept all my “favorite anythings” ranging from pretty paper, multi-color spirograph drawings, old family photos, music cassettes, wish lists, unicorn stickers, and the list goes on and on. The truth is, I had more than one box. Anything that seemed like a neat container of some sort, automatically became another “treasure chest” for my wide array of random but, to me, very cool stuff!

And so, I feel that this blog is, in one way or another, a modern version of that shoe box. A place to keep a bucketful of crazy awesome findings and learnings; a platform to share my work, process and journey as a designer; and a home for amusing new discoveries, fun local (or not) travel experiences plus some random ideas*/explorations.

I’m thrilled to get this ball rolling and very much looking forward to sharing this fun ride with you! Hope you have a lovely rest of the day!