Overwhelmingly impressive! This is the definition for “mind-blowing” and exactly what I thought when Chris and I visited Sequoia National Park about a month ago. It was MLK weekend and we wanted to get out of town somewhere a couple of hours away, camp, enjoy great views, relax and be surrounded by nature. We didn’t plan much, just packed the essentials, jumped in the car, put on some good tunes and off we went!

california_sequoianationalpark_16 california_sequoianationalpark_10 california_sequoianationalpark_06sequoia_sidebyside_1a

It was a pretty lovely trip and exactly what we were looking to do. We walked, hiked, drove around, took pictures and that was about it! We ended up staying for two days only because after camping the first night we realize that it was too cold for us (the temperature dropped to around 20ºF! Brrr!) to stay a second night. Shame on us, I know! I looked like an onion inside my sleeping bag with so many layers on! Tropical blood runs through my veins and I can’t deny it!

california_sequoianationalpark_19 california_sequoianationalpark_01california_sequoianationalpark_04 california_sequoianationalpark_05 sequoia_sidebyside_2

To say the least, we loved it! I thought I’d seen ginormous trees before but, boy oh boy, nothing like these! Two of the biggest sequoias that we saw — I believe their names were General Sherman and General Grant — were as tall as an average 26-story building and they’re estimated to be between 1,800 and 2,700 years old! (Say whaaat?! That’s right!). Not to sound philosophical and crazy, (well, a little!) but! I can’t help to think how amazing would it be to see through their eyes and witness every bit of history they have lived through! Imagine the stories they would tell! I would be sitting right there, front and center, with s’mores (I like mine with a bit of caramel! thank you!) in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream, please!) in the other! Ha!

california_sequoianationalpark_03california_sequoianationalpark_02 california_sequoianationalpark_15

And to sum it up, the image below shows a collection of leaves, branches and sticks that I foraged during our time exploring! ‘Til the next adventure!



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