A few years ago, I discovered the work of artist James Turrell and immediately fell in love with it. If you haven’t seen it, get ready to get your socks blown off! His sense of space, light and color is certainly mind-boggling. There’s something so peaceful, magical, inspiring and even (dare I say) spiritual about it that I deeply connect with.

I’m the type that, when I become obsessed with something, I have to learn as much as I can about it. Turrell’s work wasn’t the exception. In this short video interview for Art21, he mentions something that I found fascinating and so true: “we [do] create the reality in which we live.” This thought, has stayed with me from the moment I heard it the first time and has become one of my mantras ever since.

For me, this is what 2014 is about. In one way or another, consciously or not, this is what we do since the day we are born. But! This year (THIS YEAR!), I want to tune in to myself and make a cognizant decision in creating my own reality. I wish to be aware that I can make a difference in every aspect of my life, affect change in this world and, at the same time, encourage + empower + inspire those around me through this experience.

So far, 2014 is shaping up to be an incredible year with lots of exciting ideas, projects and adventures. Lots of adventures! I’m thrilled and looking forward to what the rest of it has in store for all of us! Pre-cheers for all the amazing things to come!





  1. James Turrell’s quote is so fitting to this new year for me as well :) cheers to new adventures! besitos

    • maria virginia! right?! so fun and oh so inspiring! it makes me stop and think. every time! // y si! salud por nuevas avenutras y por muchos cafesitos más! un abrazo!

    • ahhh thanks, shauuun! you are SO in, my friend! miss you to pieces and can’t wait to hang out more this year…SF or LA or wherever we go, but that’s gotta happen! <3

  2. I love the way you write Marlene – plainly and simply inspiring excitement (I don’t think that was grammatically correct but who cares hehe). I’ve been thinking about this quote since you posted it on IG the other day and it so resonates with everything going on right now, and it’s exciting! Cheers to twenty fourteen and I hope one of your adventures brings you to see me ;)

    • “plainly and simply inspiring excitement”…I LOVE THAT! ha! thank you sooo much, lovely! i really appreciate it! i hear ya! sometimes (or more like, a lot of times!) there’s so much going on that it is so easy to forget that the only ones that can really make a change in our own lives are…ourselves! we will do awesome, i know it! :) oh, and yes! i would love to see you this year!!! (*and if you are ever in this side of town, let me know! muah!)

  3. omg I’m the same way! When I fall in love with something – it’s like I get horrible tunnel vision and can’t get enough! I just want to know know know!!!

    • ha! tunnel vision?! sooo true! it’s like having blinders on! same here, girl! glad to hear i’m not alone! thanks for stopping by! :) xo, m.

  4. Love this post Marlene! It’s so inspiring! We are totally on the same page this year. I am also a HUGE fan of James Turrell. I saw my first installation of his in 1998 at a little gallery in NYC and was totally blown away. Coming from such a conservative place I had no idea people were even doing anything like that. I walked into this experience he created and it felt like my idea of art opened up right there in that moment.
    Wishing you a lovely 2014!!

    • ashleyyy! loved reading your comment! 1998 and in NYC : wow! i can only imagine your reaction and all the things that went on in your mind after experiencing that…i remember mine! it was so surreal and beautiful at the same time! wishing you such an ahhhmazing year as well, lady! we must toast with an epic green smoothie sometime! how ’bout that?! ha! :) hugs!

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